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           Established in Billings, MT in July of 2007on historic Montana Avenue, Carter's Brewing is family owned and operated. The business was formed at about the same time that our son Carter James was born, hence the name. Construction and renovation of the brewery building which houses our taproom was done with help and support from an extended group of family and friends. We operate on a 7 bbl system that was pieced together from old dairy tankage with some modern additions. In our first year we produced 475 bbls of beer in over 70 different styles.

Michael Uhrich, owner and Brew Master, got his start in the brewing world by making beer at home. He received a homebrew kit from his father-in-law and let's just say the rest is history. Mike landed his first commercial brewing job at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co in Billings in 2001 and was head brewer there until 2007. We feel that Mike's best beers have been brewed since he has started Carter's and that  the sky is the limit for what is yet to come!!

Welcome to the family Mason Tyler Uhrich born May3, 2011. We are blessed to have you in our lives!

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